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moon, owl, girl

November 2015



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Nov. 15th, 2015

moon, owl, girl

Patterns have moved!

If anyone is interested in the patterns, I have moved them here for now:


NONE of the links to owlsea.comcast.net are working anymore, since Comcast has removed ALL personal web pages. I'm not sure if I'll be rebuilding the site or not, but the patterns are here for now until I decide what to do about it.

For lots of other fantastic patterns for lots of fandoms, including Harry Potter, this is the BEST:
Fandom in Stitches - Main Page
Fandom in Stitches - Harry Potter Page

Mar. 30th, 2012

moon, owl, girl

It's a Quilt!

After being neglected for nearly six months in order to get Christmas quilts and other things done, I finally started sewing like a demon and also designed a new block (Harry, Ron, and Hermione leaving Hogwarts) as the final block for the quilt.

I sewed ALL of the remaining blocks and finished piecing the castle to complete the quilt top on February 28, 2012. The quilting was completed on March 26, 2012.

All fabric was pre-washed, but the cotton batting said not to pre-wash, so that was the only thing I worried about. With much trepidation I washed and dried my completed quilt. And I'm happy to report it survived quite well. It has a bit of that old-fashioned crinkly look to it now, and is much softer where the more heavily quilted areas were a bit stiff before washing and drying.

Here is the completed top before quilting.
It actually came out pretty square, but it's too tall for where I had to hang it to take the photo, so it looks wonky. It's 72 inches wide by 90 inches tall.

Here it is completely bound and quilted before washing:

And this is the quilt as it now looks after washing.

And this is a close-up of the text at the top after washing:

ALL of the Patterns for the Harry Potter at Hogwarts - Castle Quilt can be found here:
Owlsea's Patterns

And more close-ups of the completed quilt can be found here:
Harry Potter at Hogwarts - Castle Quilt

I'm thrilled to finally have it finished and it's now being used as a bed quilt.
Hope you enjoy the patterns and quilt.

Happy Sewing!

Jun. 26th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

ALL PATTERNS DONE! And 8 Sewn Blocks!

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been quite busy!

ALL of the Patterns for the Harry Potter at Hogwarts - Castle Quilt are now done and available for download.

Harry Potter at Hogwarts Patterns

I've also created a Tutorial showing how I paper-piece, using the Sorting Hat as an example.

Owlsea's Paper-Piecing Tutorial

These are the blocks I sewed in-between getting the patterns ready, with the most recently sewn block at the top, going down to the first block I sewed after Sirius. The Tower Roof blocks and Doorway Stairs are much larger and are part of the Castle Quilt blocks. I made 4 of the Tower Roof A blocks, and 3 of the Tower Roof B blocks to cap off the Book Columns in the quilt.

Sorting Hat [v2] - Sewn By Owlsea

Elder Wand [v2] - Sewn By Owlsea

Doorway Stairs [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Flying Ford Anglia [v2] - Sewn By Owlsea

Cave Entrance [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Knight Bus [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Tower Roof B [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Tower Roof A [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Jun. 8th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

Hogwarts Castle Quilt Design - Vanishing Cabinet & Slytherin's Locket

Yippee!!! All of the blocks for my Castle Quilt have now been designed with the addition of these last two blocks, the Vanishing Cabinet and Slytherin's Locket.

Now I have LOTS of pattern finalizing to catch up on, then I can post them all on my web site.

But at least now I can start joining blocks together since the design is finally done!

I can finally visualize this quilt getting completed!

Harry Potter at Hogwarts - Castle Quilt - With All Block Designs

Draco Malfoy has finally fixed the Vanishing Cabinet.

Vanishing Cabinet [v1] - Design

I always pictured the "S" on Slytherin's Locket to be made of separate emeralds like this.

Slytherin's Locket [v1] - Design

Jun. 6th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

Werewolf & Mad-Eye Moody Designs, and Sewn Sirius In Fireplace

Here's poor Professor Lupin transformed into a werewolf because of the moon, and forgetting to take his potion.

Werewolf (Professor Lupin) [v1] - Design

This is how I've always pictured Mad-Eye. A skinny, crooked face, with a nose that has a chunk missing.

Mad-Eye Moody [v1] - Design

Sirius Black is speaking to Harry from the Fireplace.

Sirius Black (Speaking From Fireplace) [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Sirius Black (Speaking From Fireplace) [v1] [v1] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

Jun. 4th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

Sewn Invisibility Cloak, and Ron's Broken Wand, and Harry's Broken Wand

I really like the way the cloak is nearly invisible in this block. I think this is one of my favorite designs so far, except for Hedwig.

Harry's Invisibility Cloak [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

NOTE: The pattern isn't quite done yet.
I will update this entry as soon as the pattern is ready.

I've decided to make Ron's wand in the Spell-O-Taped version.

Ron's Broken Wand [v2] - Design

Then I was able to change the old design around to represent Harry's broken wand in Book 7 that is held together only by the Phoenix feather.

Harry's Broken Wand [v2] - Design

May. 31st, 2011

moon, owl, girl

Fawkes Design, and Kreacher & Telephone Box Sewn

Fawkes is a very important part of the Harry story. He's looking rather handsome I think.

Fawkes [v1] - Design

Kreacher came out a bit faded looking, but I'm going say it makes him look really old.

Kreacher [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Kreacher [v1] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

The entry to the Ministry of Magic is a magical Telephone Box.
I like the contrast in this one a lot. I used a red fabric that had many shades and placed the pattern pieces onto it carefully to get the various tones of red that I wanted.

Ministry of Magic Telephone Box [v1] - Sewn By Owlsea

Ministry of Magic Telephone Box [v1]
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

May. 29th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

Ron's Broken Wand, A Dementor, and Harry's Invisibility Cloak

I've got 3 more designs done. Only 6 more to go and my Castle Quilt will be totally designed. Then I can play catch up and finally sew it!

Ron's Wand has sparks and random magic coming out. I plan to use fabric with gold shiny stars or something "magical" in the red and yellow areas.

Ron's Broken Wand [v1] - Design

I plan to put the Dementor against a cloudy or rainy sky fabric.

Dementor [v1] - Design

Shiny silver fabric against a dull gray fabric is how I picture making this block to try to give an "invisible" look.

Harry's Invisibility Cloak [v1] - Design

May. 13th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

Hermione's Time Turner

Here's my design for Hermione's Time Turner. I wanted knobs on the side to turn the hourglass the number of times Hermione needs for her classes.

Hermione's Time Turner [v2] - Design

May. 12th, 2011

moon, owl, girl

House Crests & Number Four

I've finally designed the rest of the House Crests.
I did Hufflepuff a long time ago, though it has been revised a number of times.

The patterns aren't ready yet, but here's the designs.

Slytherin House Crest [v1] - Design

Ravenclaw House Crest [v1] - Design

Gryffindor House Crest [v1] - Design

Hufflepuff House Crest [v5] - Design

I also designed Number Four for #4 Privet Drive where Harry grew up.

Number Four [v1] - Design

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