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moon, owl, girl

My 5 Oldest Patterns Updated

My five oldest patterns, mostly done in 2008, have been updated from various old formats to the new pattern format, and added to my pattern site. I've also made some minor changes to them.

The designs are nearly identical (the minor changes are noted below), but the piecing has been updated to eliminate some of the tiniest pieces, as well as decreasing the number of sections you have to sew together to make the block.

The knot on the Whomping Willow has changed to eliminate a section.

Whomping Willow [v2] - Design

Whomping Willow [v2] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

The Hufflepuff badger now has toes on his back feet.

Hufflepuff House Crest [v4] - Design

Hufflepuff House Crest [v4] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

Some tiny background pieces on the Philosopher's Stone have been eliminated, while the stone itself remains unchanged.

Philosopher's Stone [v3] - Design

Philosopher's Stone [v3] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

The vertical bars of the center "H" on the Hogwarts School Crest are no longer in 2 pieces which should make it much easier to put together. And there is a slight change to the bottom of the Crest.

Hogwarts School Crest [v5] - Design

Hogwarts School Crest [v5] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.

The Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans box has been narrowed in width to make it look taller, and the gold has been removed, as well as changes to the top of the box.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans [v4] - Design

Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans [v4] - Pattern
       at Owlsea's Patterns.